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EndNote 20 is horrible

EndNote 20 has the following problems as of Jan 28, 2023:

I. Display problems:

1. The default display of columns such as Author and Title columns have very narrow widths. You can change the column width but you CANNOT preserve them (This problem appears to have been fixed). The next time you open EndNote, the Author and Title columns go back to the narrow default. There is no way to preserve your customized column width. EndNote developers are assuming that you have very small screen.

2.  Too much space between rows and you cannot reduce it. Here EndNote developers are assuming that you have a very large screen and can afford to be wasteful. These contradictory assumptions in #1 and #2 rendered this version of EndNote far worse than earlier versions all the way back to EndNote X5.

3. The familiar bottom-split screen is gone, and you cannot get it back.

II. For people who wish to preview PDF or other full-text files: this preview function is gone.

III. When I close Endnote, it promptly re-opens itself.

I greatly regretted my upgrading to EndNote 20.

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