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BNF5106 / BIOL5515 Bioinformatics


Tentative schedule (subject to change):

07/09/2016 Wednesday Introduction
12/09/2016 Monday Gene and genomic features in prokaryotes
14/09/2016 Wednesday Gene and genomic features in eukaryotes
19/09/2016 Monday Translation elongation and codon usage
21/09/2016 Wednesday Next-generation sequencing and applications
26/09/2016 Monday Sequence alignments
28/09/2016 Wednesday FASTA and BLAST algorithms in database searches
03/10/2016 Monday Multiple sequence alignments [MSA], substitution models and evolutionary distances
05/10/2016 Wednesday Application of MSA: Distance-based, MP and ML methods
10/10/2016 Monday Thanksgiving
12/10/2016 Wednesday Application of MSA II: model-based phylogenies, Bayesian approaches
17/10/2016 Monday Application of MSA III: on the use and uses of codon models
19/10/2016 Wednesday Genome rearrangement algorithms
24/10/2016 Monday Reading week
26/10/2016 Wednesday Reading week
31/10/2016 Monday RNA structure prediction & motifs
02/11/2016 Wednesday Hidden Markov models
07/11/2016 Monday Machine learning in bioinformatics
09/11/2016 Wednesday Microarrays, RNA-Seq and transcriptomics
14/11/2016 Monday Bioinformatics in diagnosis of disease and precision medicine
16/11/2016 Wednesday Estimating gene regulatory relationships based on expression
21/11/2016 Monday New directions in cancer 'omics
23/11/2016 Wednesday Course evaluation; High performance computing for bioinformatics
28/11/2016 Monday Computational approaches in studying mechanisms of gene regulation
30/11/2016 Wednesday Lipid structure and prediction in lipidomics
05/12/2016 Monday Oral presentationsz: TBD
07/12/2016 Wednesday Oral presentationsz: TBD
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