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Install DAMBE on Linux

  1. DAMBE needs WINE to run on Linux. It takes 10-20 minutes to get DAMBE running on a Linux machine.
  2. For old Linux distributions (e.g., Ubuntu 8.04), enable WINE by clicking 'Applications|Add/Remove programs', choosing 'All available software', scrolling down to WINE and checking the empty box to enable it. Click OK.
  3. For newer Linux distributions with package managers (e.g., Synaptic Package Manager in Debian and derivatives), simply open the package manager, search for wine and download/install it (if it has not been installed).
  4. Test WINE by running the winefile file manager, i.e., open a terminal window and type 'wine winefile' + ENTER (without the single quotes). A file manager like Windows explorer is shown. You may notice a drive C:\.
  5. Right-click DAMBEX for Linux and save it (DAMBEX.msi) to a directory. From winefile (the file manager), browse to the direcotry where you have downloaded DAMBEX.msi and double-click it to open it. Three more mouse-clicks will have DAMBE installed to its default directory C:\program files\DAMBE.
  6. To run DAMBE: From winefile (the file manager), browse to C:\program files\DAMBE and double-click DAMBE.exe to launch it. You also run DAMBE by clicking the DAMBE icon on Desktop.
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