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Xia, X. 2018. Bioinformatics and the cell: modern computational approaches in genomics, proteomics and transcriptomics. Springer. 2nd Edition. Institutions with SpringerLink subscription can download the book for free or get a hardcopy for $24.99. Let me know if you do not have access to SpringerLink.

Detailed numerical illustration of string algorithms, PWM (PSSM, PSWM), sequence alignment, Gibbs sampler for de novo motif discovery, self-organizing map (SOM), hidden Markov models, Markov chain models in nucletoide and amino acid substitution, distance-based, maximum parsimony and maximum likelihood phylogenetic methods, genomic, transcriptomics and proteomic data analysis, analysis of translation initiation, elongation and termination with a variety of codon usage indices (CAI, ITE, etc), together with numerous biological applications. Browse chapter abstracts.

You may request a review copy here by clicking 'Access an Online Book Review Copy', or a desk copy here if you use the book for a course.

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