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DAMBE for Macintosh computers

Please cite:

Xia X. 2017. DAMBE6: New tools for microbial genomics, phylogenetics and molecular evolution. Journal of Heredity 108(4):431-437.

Xia, X. 2013. DAMBE5: A comprehensive software package for data analysis in molecular biology and evolution. Molecular Biology and Evolution 30:1720-1728 .

Installation instructions:

If you already have a working copy of DAMBE, e.g., DAMBE5 or DAMBE6, you just need to download this DAMBE.exe file and replace the old DAMBE.exe file already in your installed DAMBE by this new DAMBE.exe. To find the old DAMBE.exe, right click DAMBE5 or DAMBE6 and click "Show package contents". DAMBE.exe is in C:\program files\DAMBE directory.

Method 1:

For El Capitan:

Download DAMBE6.zip. Unzip it in a directory on your MAC (e.g., Applications). You will see DAMBE6. Click DAMBE6 to run DAMBE just as you would run any other Mac program.

For Sierra/High Sierra

DAMBE does run on MacOS Sierra/High Sierra. However, MacOS Sierra/High Sierra will prevent what you download here from running. For the time being there are two alternatives:

  • If you are in Ottawa, just come with your Mac and I will copy DAMBE6.app to your computer with a USB. This has always worked
  • If you have access to a MAC that still uses El Capitan or earlier, follow instruction above for El Capitan to get DAMBE working. Now use a USB to copy DAMBE6 to the new computer.
  • In Sierra/High Sierra, after trying to open DAMBE but the sysmtem won't let you, go to System Preferences > Security > "Open DAMBE Anyway" (or something along those lines) to bypass the error message (from one user, and I should appreciate confirmation from another).
(If you wish to know more: Apple wants applications to be signed with a Developer ID, and it charges programers $99/year to keep such an ID. If a web-distributed application is not signed with such an ID, the GateKeeper in MacOS Sierra/High Sierra will prevent it from running. I do not wish to pay Apple $99/year for a Developer ID.)

Method 2:

  1. Install Wine for Mac computers
  2. Right-click DAMBEX for Linux and save it (DAMBEX.msi) to a directory. Click it to install (or right-click and choose 'Run with wine' or something like that). The installation will create a shortcut on your desktop to run DAMBE.

Pros: DAMBEX.msi is only 11 MB. Cons: A few extra clicks for those familiar with Linux; some frustration for those who are not. Please let me know if you encouter problems.

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