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DAMBE for Windows

Please cite:

Xia X. 2017. DAMBE6: New tools for microbial genomics, phylogenetics and molecular evolution. Journal of Heredity 108(4):431-437.

Xia, X. 2013. DAMBE5: A comprehensive software package for data analysis in molecular biology and evolution. Molecular Biology and Evolution 30:1720-1728 .

Installation instructions:

  1. The installation instruction here is for Windows, but you can also run DAMBE on Linux or new Macintosh computers.
  2. If you have installed a previous version of DAMBE, please uninstalled it before installing the new version by clicking

    Start|Settings|Control Panel|Add/Remove Programs

    and proceed to remove DAMBE completely. Check C:\Windows\System32 to make sure that DllWithDialog.DLL is deleted (and manually delete it if it is not) before installing a new version of DAMBE.

  3. Please download one of the following installation packages and click it to install DAMBE. There will be a number of DNA sequence files in the installation directory. Note that I have used different file extension (or type) to designate different data files for different programs. It is always a good practice to use one particular file type to designate one particular file format.
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