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TRAD (Tip-Rooting and Ancestor-Dating)

Main function:As suggested by the title, used for rapidly evolving viral strains collected over different times, without a good outgroup
Requirement:(If working with a tree with >60,000 leaves): a fast desktop computer with at least 8GB RAM
Keywords:phylogenetics, dating, rooting, virus
Support:Dr. Xuhua Xia at xxia@uottawa.ca
Citation:Xia, X. 2021. TRAD: Tip-Rooting and Ancestor-Dating. http://dambe.bio.uottawa.ca/TRAD/TRAD.aspx
Xia, X. 2021. Dating the Common Ancestor from an NCBI Tree of 83688 High-Quality and Full-Length SARS-CoV-2 Genomes. Viruses 13(9): 1790.


  • Just a few clicks to install in a 64-bit Windows computer.
  • Click 'Phylogenetics | TRAD
  • Input: a phylogenetic tree in Newick format, with collection time at the end of the sequence name. A test file Test_Fig1.dnd is provided.
  • Output: evolutionary rate, the time of origin of the most recent common ancestor, the most likely rooting point
For Windows computers:

If your 64-bit Windows PC is new or updated, then you can launch TRAD now. Otherwise, install and run TRAD.

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