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Joining XiaLab

Doing research essentially is to identify and characterize scientifically interesting relationships or improve/revise existing relationships that people care about (e.g., those serving as the foundation of science). A relationship involves a minimum of two variables, but it may be confounded by many others. For this reason a research project often involves more than two variables. Many laboratory equipment and software are used to measure these variables. The “equipment” we use most often in my lab is DAMBE.

There is also a set of tutorials on how to use DAMBE to measure variables and analyze relationships

If you intend to join my lab, I would strongly suggest that you download DAMBE, install it on your computer and go through some of the tutorials (there are 12 in total). If you find it interesting to work through DAMBE tutorials and have many questions jumping into your mind during the process, then you are already well versed to participate in our research.

We use DAMBE to study coevolution between Shine-Dalgarno sequences and anti-SD sequences, between codon and tRNA anticodon, between stop codon and release factors, between phage and their hosts, between splicing signals and spliceosome, etc. We also use DAMBE to reconstruct phylogenetic relationship among diverse taxa and many more.

DAMBE is also used in my teaching. If you intend to join my lab as a MSc or PhD student, then you need to know DAMBE to serve as a teaching assistant for the laboratory component of my courses. I may not accept you until you demonstrate familiarity with DAMBE.

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