XiaLab at University of Ottawa

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Joining XiaLab

Current research projects that you can participate in:

  • Alternative splicing and human diseases (RNA-Seq data)
  • Evolution and adaptation between bacteriophage and their hosts (Genomic and RNA-Seq data)
  • Evolution of DNA and RNA viruses in mammalian hosts
  • Mitochondrial diseases (mtDNA and RNA-Seq data)
  • Coevolution between motif signals and their decoders in microbial species (Genomic and RNA-Seq data)
  • Evolution of unfolded protein response from yeast to human (Genomic and RNA-Seq data)
  • molecular phylogenetics and Phylogeography with DNA barcoding data (DNA and geographic data)
  • bioinformatics: algorithms and software development

If you are passionate about particular organisms, genes, biological processes, regulatory mechanisms, algorithms or data (e.g., RNA-Seq), please contact me so that I can schedule an interview during which you will be asked to do a PowerPoint presentation of a scientific paper of your choice.

If available, please share with me 1) a softcopy of your transcirpt and 2) a piece of your own favourite writings on any genre.

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