XiaLab at University of Ottawa

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Joining XiaLab

Current research projects that you can participate in:

  • Alternative splicing and human diseases
  • In silico identification of drug targets by genomic and transcriptomic data analysis
  • Analyzing ChIP-Seq data to identify protein binding sites
  • Host-parasite interactions
  • microbial genomics: why different prokaryotes often do things differently, and how phages and plasmids adapt to their hosts and become specilized.
  • mitochondrial diseases
  • biomedical and biopharmaceutical sciences involving protein interactions
  • How natural selection increases efficiencies of biological processes
  • molecular biology and evolution involving genome replication, transcription and translation
  • molecular phylogenetics and Phylogeography with DNA barcoding data
  • bioinformatics: algorithms and software development

Applicants are ranked on the basis of interview, grades and, in particular, writing skills in English. You should show me a piece of your English writing that you are very pleased with. It can be in any genre/style, including story/prose/poetry, but has to be uniquely yours.

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