XiaLab at University of Ottawa

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Joining XiaLab

Current research projects that you can participate in:

  • Alternative splicing and human diseases
  • In silico identification of drug targets by genomic and transcriptomic data analysis
  • Analyzing ChIP-Seq data to identify protein binding sites
  • Host-parasite interactions
  • microbial genomics: why different prokaryotes often do things differently, and how phages and plasmids adapt to their hosts and become specilized.
  • mitochondrial diseases
  • biomedical and biopharmaceutical sciences involving protein interactions
  • How natural selection increases efficiencies of biological processes
  • molecular biology and evolution involving genome replication, transcription and translation
  • molecular phylogenetics and Phylogeography with DNA barcoding data
  • bioinformatics: algorithms and software development

Applicants will be interviewed. Before the interview, please take time to reflect on what group of organisms/genes you are interested in, what biological field you feel more at home, what university courses that you enjoyed, what skill you have that is stronger than your peers, and what career path you wish to pursue (Ideally we all wish to do things that is relevant to our future).

Applicants are ranked on the basis of interview, grades and, in particular, writing skills in English. You should show me a piece of your English writing that you are very pleased with. It can be in any genre/style, including story/prose/poetry, but has to be uniquely yours.

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