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Post-graduate Studies in XiaLab

Do you want to change your life through education? Do you want to change the life of others through teaching and research in science?

Graduate students in XiaLab are doing exactly that! Look at what they have published and come to share our excitement in advancing scientific frontiers!

XiaLab is recruiting PhD and MSc students interested in variety of reserach projects in evolutionary biology, bioinformatics, microbial genomics, biomedical and biopharmaceutical sciences.

  • Relevant information and useful links:
    • You will have a minimum graduate salary of $19,500/year which is made of research assistantship from my research grant and teaching assistantship from the department.
    • Canadians or permanent residents with a GPA > 8/10 typically will get a tuition waiver in addition to some scholarships on top of the annual salary. Those top-ranked ones will have a chance to compete for the prestigious NSERC graduate scholarship or OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship).
    • Important for foreign students!!! Our university offers a limited number of international scholarships to reduce tuition for outstanding foreign students. If you speak French and choose the language of communication in French when submitting your application, then you have a good chance to get one, otherwise the chance is dismally low (unless you are super good). I generally do not accept international students who do not get such a tuition fee waiver because the salary would not be sufficient to cover both foreign student tuition and living expenses.
    • Formal application should be submitted at http://www.grad.uOttawa.ca/apply
  • Local info:
    1. Our Biology Department
    2. University of Ottawa
    3. Ottawa: the Canadian capital.
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