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PhD and MSc Studies in XiaLab

  • Thinking of joinining a group of bright students in Xia Lab? If you are passionate about particular organisms, genes, biological processes, regulatory mechanisms, algorithms or data (e.g., RNA-Seq)? Apply through our grad office
  • Applicants are ranked on their familiarity with our research, their letters of reference and their past performance/experience in research. The top-ranked is offerred admission right away.
  • Graduate students registered in Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, will have a minimum salary of $20,500/year (PhD candidate) or $19,500/year (MSc candidates) which is made of research assistantship from my research grant and teaching assistantship from the department.
  • Current research projects:
    • Evolution of splicing machinery and alternative splicing
    • Evolution and optimization of translation control in bacteria and phages
    • Evolution of signal transduction pathways, e.g., UPR
    • molecular phylogenetics (of deep phylogenies)
    • Large-scale phylogeographic patterns and processes
    • bioinformatics: algorithms and software development
  • Check out publications from our lab by graduate students. If you have many questions upon reading those papers, then you are likely a good fit to our lab.
  • My program DAMBE is used extensively in research and teaching worldwide in genomic and phylogenetic data analysis. Here are links to scientific publications that have cited various versions of DAMBE. You need to know DAMBE to serve as teaching assistant in my course, so familiarlity with DAMBE will improve your ranking.
    • List of papers that have cited the first version of DAMBE (released in 2000)
    • List of papers that have cited DAMBE5 (released in 2013)
    • List of papers that have cited DAMBE6 (released in 2017)
  • Local info:
    1. Our Biology Department
    2. University of Ottawa
    3. Ottawa: the Canadian capital

Canadian and permanent residents:

Canadians or permanent residents with a GPA > 8/10 typically will get a tuition waiver in addition to some scholarships on top of the annual salary. Those top-ranked ones will have a chance to compete for the prestigious NSERC graduate scholarship or OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship).

International Applicants

Our university offers tuition reduction to PhD students so that they pay the same tuition as Canadian students.

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