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BIO3102 Molecular Evolution (Winter term)

Student composition: BioMed (49.14%), BioPharm (25.86%), Biology (9.48%), Biochem (6.03%), Other (9.48%).


Lecture schedule (This is generic. Access Brightspace for updated schedule and lecture slides)

The exam files will be ready for downloading at the scheduled exam time. The URL of the exam files is


(where "WhatExam" is either "Midterm1", "Midterm2" or "Final", and "########" is your student ID)

1WednesdayIntroduction to BIO31021
1FridayNatural selection & three biological processes1
2FridayMutation, sequence variation and neutral theory3
3WednesdaySequence evolution and homology identification3
3FridaySequence alignment4
4WednesdaySubstitution model, distance, evolutionary rates4
4FridayCodon-based distance, rates heterogeneity and causes4
5WednesdayMid-Term Test #1
5FridayMolecular Clock5
6WednesdayReading week
6FridayReading week
7WednesdayMale-driven evolution5
7FridayMolecular phylogenetics: Distance-based method5
8WednesdayMolecular phylogenetics: Distance-based dating5
8FridayMolecular phylogenetics: maximum parsimony5
9WednesdayMolecular phylogenetics: maximum likelihood5
9FridayDating with no root
10WednesdayMid-Term Test #2
10FridayParameter estimation and model selection<6
11WednesdayOrigin and evolution of Hawaiian Banza species6
11FridayOrigin and evolution of new genes6
12WednesdayOrigin and evolution of new genes6
12FridayGood Friday7
13FridayEvolution by transposition7
13WednesdayGenome evolution8
14TuesdayReview Session?
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