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Download Zone

  1. Lab manual in PDF
  2. KAL153_AF193276.gb (KAL153 genome in GenBank format)
  3. RefGag.FAS (Reference gag sequences from HIV-1 subtypes)
  4. RefEnv.FAS (Reference env sequences from HIV-1 subtypes)
  5. RefGag_AF193276.FAS (Reference gag sequences + KAL153 gag sequence)
  6. RefEnv_AF193276.FAS (Reference env sequences + KAL153 env sequence)
  7. Human_HbB_A1.gb (Human HbA1 and HbB gene sequences in GenBank format)
  8. InfA_NY_2004_H3N2.gbk (Influenza A genomic sequences in GenBank format, including all 8 segments)
  9. BacillusAnthracisStrAmesAncestor.gb (Genome of Bacillus anthracis str Ames ancestor in GenBank format)
  10. Ch22Hum50-30.FAS
  11. VertCOX2.FAS
  12. SIV_Subset.FAS
  13. EscherichiaColiK12SubstrDH10B.gb (Genome of Escherichia coli K12 substr DH10B in GenBank format)
  14. Sc.gbk (Genomic sequence file of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in GenBank format).
  17. DmIRES60.FAS (Putative IRESs for the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, used in Xia and Holcik 2009)
  18. ScIRESwithRC.FAS (Putative IRESs for the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, used in Xia and Holcik 2009)
  19. IRES.xls (IRES activities for the fruit fly and the yeast IRESs)
  20. SRR1536586.sra
  21. SRR1536586.fasP
  22. SRR1536586.zip
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