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BPS4104/BIO8102H Bioinformatics (Winter term)

Student composition: Biochem (9.80%), Biology (3.92%), BioMed (7.84%), BioPharm (76.47%), Geology (1.96%).


Textbook: Xia, X. 2018. Bioinformatics and the cell: Modern computational approaches in genomics, proteomics and transcriptomics. 2nd edition. (You can download the book free using a campus PC or purchase a hard copy for $24.99.)

Lab manual in PDF format


  • Exams are cumulative.
  • I can accept the following as valid reasons for missing an exam (Other reasons may need to go through Faculty Secretariate):
    1. being sick (A doctor's certificate is needed, ideally from UO's Health Services as doctor's note from other clinics may need validation by UO's Health Services.)
    2. medical emergency of an immediate family member (A doctor's certificate is needed)
    3. death of an immediate family member (A death certificate is needed)
  • Students who miss a mid-term exam may be allowed to take a deferred exam or transfer the weigth to other exams.

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Weekly schedule:

Wk Chp Topic
1 1 Lec: String-matching algorithms in BLAST and FASTA
Lab: Sequence database and heuristic string matching: NCBI Entrez, BLAST and DAMBE
2 3 Lec: Motif-characterizing algorithms
Lab: Position weight matrix and motif characterization
3 4 Lec: Motif discovery with Gibbs sampler with optional EXCEL illustration
Lab: Gibbs Sampler and intron branchpoint sites (BPS)
4 5 Lec: Lec: Introduction to RNA-Seq analysis
Lab: RNA-Seq software demonstration only (~1 hr)
5 9 Lec: Amino acid and codon usage bias and indices
Lab: Codon Usage Bias
6 8 Lec: Bioinformatics and translation initiation in prokaryotes and eukaryotes
Feb. 11, 1st mid-term exam+Lab: Secondary Structure, MFE And IRES
7 17 Lec: Evolution of acid-resistance in Helicobacter pylori
Lab: Genomic Isoelectric Point Profiling
8 2 Lec: Molecular phylogeneitcs+Sequence alignment by dynammic programming
Lab: Sequence Alignment
9 12,13 Lec: Transition bias and substitution models
Lab: Choosing The Best-Fit Substitution Model
10 15 Lec: Distance-based methods
Lab: Molecular Phylogenetics
11 15 Lec: Molecular clock
Mar. 25, 2nd mid-term exam+Lab: Testing The Molecular Clock Hypotheses
12 15 Lec: Dating speciation and gene duplication events
Lab: Dating with the Least-Squares Method

Additional reading materials:

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