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BIO3119 Population Genetics (Fall term)

Course information

Reference book: Felsenstein, J. 2019. Theoretical Population Genetics (An excellent source of population genetics insights)

A very useful software tool for teaching population genetics: PopG

Weekly schedule (PPT files with my voice are posted in their scheduled week):

(The slide-embedded assignments are to be submitted on Tuesday in the week following the lecture.)

Wk Topic
1 9/9/2020, Lec1: Introduction to BIO3119 Population Genetics
9/11/2020, Lec 2: Historical landmarks of population genetics
2 9/16/2020, Lec3: Genetic variation and characterization
9/18/2020, Lec4: Probability digression
3 9/23/2020, Lec5: Probability distributions
9/25/2020, Lec6: Mathematical models
4 9/30/2020, Lec7: Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE)
10/2/2020, Lec8: More on HWE
10/5/2020, Submit the1st problem set
5 10/7/2020, Lec9: Linkage disequilibrium (LD)
10/9/2020, Lec10: Recombination and LD
6 10/14/2020, Lec11: Mapping disease genes
10/16/2020, Lec12: Disease diagnosis and Bayesian inference
10/19/2020, Submit the 2nd problem set
7 10/21/2020, Lec13: Inbreeding and fixation
10/23/2020, Lec14: More on inbreeding
7 10/28/2020, reading week.
10/30/2020, reading week
8 11/4/2020, Lec15: Genetic drift and EXCEL file
11/6/2020, Lec16: Drift and inbreeding
11/9/2020, Submit the 3rd problem set
9 11/11/2020, Lec17: Drift and F-statistics
11/13/2020, Lec18: Modelling of migration and gene flow
10 11/18/2020, Lec19: Drift-migration balance and admixture estimation
11/20/2020, Lec20: Models of mutation
11/23/2020, Submit the 4th problem set
11 11/25/2020, Lec21: Natural selection
11/27/2020, Lec22: Models of natural selection
11/30/2020, Submit the 5th problem set
11 12/2/2020, Lec23: Molecular evolutionary genetics
12/4/2020, Lec24: Phylogenetics
12/7/2020, Submit the 6th problem set
12 12/9/2020, Break (reserved for courses missing a class on Thanksgiving)
12/10/2020, Take-home exam available on Brightspace at 9:00 am
12 12/12/2020, before noon. Submit take-home exam
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